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Dental Crowns

Tooth restoration, or restorative dentistry, is the management of problems regarding oral health and the reconstruction of the mouth to its proper aesthetic and functional state. General dentists can perform many of the tooth restoration procedures without the need for additional certification and education. However, this is going to depend on how hard the procedure is going to be and what the dentist is comfortable with.

What Are the Tooth Restoration Options for Me?

Before deciding on a restorative dentistry approach, you will first need to consider two factors – your budget and your health. Many dentists that perform restorative dentistry will want to preserve the natural teeth as much as possible before deciding to replace with partial or full dentures. But there are times that these dentures would serve as a better option especially for those who are missing a lot of teeth or are not a good candidate for the other dental implants.

Thanks to the wide range of options that dental restoration has to offer, you can now choose what a dentist will do to your worn, decayed, missing or damaged teeth. There are however two types of dental restorations today:


This type of tooth restoration will involve the placement of a filling into a tooth cavity that has been prepared beforehand. You can get this procedure done in just one office visit to your dentist. Your dentist will also select from a range of filling options that will suit the location and type of filling.


An indirect restoration of a tooth will involve custom tooth replacements in the form of onlays, inlays or crowns. A crown is capable of covering the entire surface of the tooth, an inlay can be found within the tooth’s cusps while an onlay covers one or more of the cusp tips. This type of tooth restoration will require a person to visit the dentist more than once especially with the inlay or onlay varieties.

Where Can I Get Quality Tooth Restorations?

At Balmain Dentist, Dr Flora will advise when tooth restoration is needed to repair worn, decayed, or damaged teeth. The decayed or broken section of a tooth is removed and depending on the severity of tooth loss, either a tooth coloured composite resin is used to fill and shape the tooth to match the existing teeth or other techniques such as onlays, inlays or crowns can be used. She will ensure that the function and aesthetics of the tooth being restored.