preventative orthodontics

It is important to visit the dentist with your child in the early years. Preventative orthodontics is suitable for children under the age of twelve years.  We assess the pattern of growth of the upper jaw, taking into consideration any underlying issues such as large adenoids, tonsils, tongue, thumb sucking, nasal septum deviation all of which can contribute to constricted upper jaw development. Early detection and treatment is paramount to ensure healthy development of the upper and lower jaw and mitigate conditions such as sleep apnea, ADHD, asthma and high blood pressure. By using very simple orthodontic appliances as well as addressing the underlying issues most of these conditions can be rectified or improved.

The advantage for patients of early detection of orthodontic problems, particularly in children is that some of the problems may be easier to correct if they are found and treated early. There is no age limit for orthodontic treatment and at Balmain Dentist, Dr Flora Galoustian’s expertise in orthopedic orthodontics will ensure a positive outcome for your dental treatment plan.

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